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California Pool Fencing Requirements

You have the right to enjoy the delicious weather that only California can offer you. Although winter exists, sunny summers stand out in this city, so having a pool at home will bring you great benefits. You only need to inquire about the California pool fencing requirements to have one.

In the backyard of your house, you can have a beautiful pool; rest assured that apart from being a great luxury, it will be an excellent investment for you. If you have seen striking fences, you can also have one at home to close your pool. But it is essential to know the California pool fencing requirements to respect the codes.

Knowing these requirements will be of great help for your protection and that of your guests so that they have a pleasant time while enjoying a swim in the pool. There are currently no federal requirements for pool fencing in California, but it is also essential to know the state codes and regulations so you can give your pool proper use.

These laws are in force and are essential for the protection and safety of all pool owners. Also, it is essential to know these laws so that you use the private pools responsibly when contacting them.

To choose the enclosure of your choice, this company will help you choose and will make the proper installation, and you can pay cash or financing.

What Are The California Pool Fencing Requirements?

The California law governs the requirements of swimming pool fencing in California since 1997, and among its most important conditions are:

• Pool: Any structure designed for recreational bathing or swimming, containing water and a depth of 18 inches, will be called “Pool.” This term is for fabrics that are on the ground or the ground. You can also include in this term the pools for non-portable children and hot tubs.

• Enclosure: People use this term to indicate those barriers, fences, or walls that surround a pool and separate it from the area near the house.

• Approved safety pool cover: Refers to the safety pool cover (manually or with power). The most important thing about this cover is that it must meet the performance standards for tests and materials stipulated by the American Society.

• Exit alarms: This refers to the devices that are responsible for sounding an audible alarm and does not stop sounding when any access door between the residence and the access to the pool is open or ajar.

About the pool safety law, they have to have the following characteristics:

  1. To prevent drowning, there should be enough space between the house and the pool space.
  2. A removable mesh fence that meets the appropriate characteristics.
  3. A safety pool cover that has the relevant approval.
  4. A device with automatic closing.
  5. Alarms at the direct access door of the pools.
  6. Alarm to detect an accidental entry into the pool.
  7. Inspection of the characteristics of the area where you want to install the pool by an official.

The Enclosure Requirements

You should know that the fencing of the pool must have suitable conditions to prevent drowning and maintain safety. The pool safety law states:

  • Doors that give access to the pool should be opened away from the pool and closed automatically with a device that is 60 inches above the ground.
  • The separation between the pool and the floor should not exceed 2 inches.
  • Cabinet height must be a minimum of 60 inches.
  • If there are gaps or spaces, you must not allow the passage of a sphere that is larger than four inches.
  • The outside surface of the pool space must not have any cavities or bumps that can cause damage to the small ones in the house.

Complying with this type of California pool fencing requirements apart from being legal, you must take them into account so that you can enjoy it without inconvenience. If you want to sell or buy a house with a pool, do not forget that these rules will be crucial. By respecting them, all people will stay out of danger while enjoying the Good Climate of California.

In these stipulated standards its highlights:

  • Old pools do not meet the requirements specified in the new California law for pools.
  • Experts recommend that if you plan to build a new pool, you meet the requirements for the safety of your,s and if you later plan to sell your property, you will avoid inconvenience.
  • When buying or selling a home, make sure the pool area meets these standards. Safety comes first, and the pools must have the appropriate barrier to the indicated criteria.

Choose The Pool Enclosure Of Your Choice

According to the California pool fencing requirements that maintain the legality of pool fences, suitable fencing materials will be:

Ornamental Aluminum

This is one of the most popular articles for being of good quality. It is covered with dust that protects against external damage. Although they do not need much maintenance, they do not provide the privacy that many people want, but there are many models:

Polyvinyl Chloride

These fences are made of PVC but do not turn out to be as resistant as aluminum. The good thing is that they are immune to temperature changes and have durability. In many pool designs, a fence perfectly fits this material that will meet your needs.


These types of fences give the advantage of easy maintenance, and you can easily remove them. This mesh is transparent so that from other areas, you can see your pool, and in comparison to other fences, they are not so resistant.


These types of wooden fences are cheaper than others, and they look very nice to decorate. Although it is a traditional option, maintenance is more forced so that they can shine and stay in good condition.


Although they are the most expensive, glass fences are the most beautiful that can exist. Apart from providing an aesthetic environment, they comply with the standards, although depending on the weather, they may be vulnerable.

Metal fences

Look at the most common designs of this type carefully:

Flat surface

This type of fence has vertical bars combined with horizontal bars over the entire surface of the fence.

Double top

Similar to the flat top fences, it also brings a horizontal bar with details that shine in any pool.

Loop tops

This type of fence brings two pieces of long metal together with curved metal in the form of a loop at the top.

Wire fences

The wire and the pipes are close are made of thick metal and are therefore considered the most resistant and durable.

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